FileMaker Server & Zabbix: Setting Up a Server Part 1

Monitoring FileMaker Server with Zabbix

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Specifications

RAM and Hyper-V Support

Hyper-V Requirements

Turning On Hyper-V

windows features
Turn Windows Features On
Select Hyper-V
Restart Your Computer

Virtual Switch

Select Hyper-V Manager
Create Virtual Switch
Name Your Virtual Switch

Virtual Machine

Action > New > Virtual Machine
Before You Begin > Next
Specify Name & Location
Select Generation 1 > Next
Assign Memory > Next
Configure Networking > Next
Create Virtual Hard Disk > Next
Installation Options
Review > Finish
Connect > Start
Installation takes forever. Grab a cuppa.
Quick Tip for Mac Users





FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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Sounds Essential

Sounds Essential

FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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