Keycloak 17 & FileMaker: Installation & Configuration Tutorial Part 3: Preparing Keycloak 17

Installing Dependencies And Other Set Up

sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk
wget -Vsudo apt install wget
sudo apt install zip
nano -Vsudo apt install nano

Downloading And Preparing Keycloak

sudo mkdir -p /opt/keycloak
sudo wget -P /opt/keycloak
sudo unzip /opt/keycloak/ -d /opt/keycloak
sudo rm /opt/keycloak/
sudo groupadd -r keycloaksudo useradd -r -g keycloak -d /opt/keycloak -s /sbin/nologin keycloak
cd /optsudo chown -R keycloak: keycloaksudo chmod o+x /opt/keycloak/keycloak-17.0.0/bin/

Updating The Keycloak Configuration File

sudo nano /opt/keycloak/keycloak-17.0.0/conf/keycloak.conf
# Basic settings for running in production. Change accordingly before deploying the server.# Database# The database vendor.
# The username of the database user.
# The password of the database user.
# The full database JDBC URL. If not provided, a default URL is set based on the selected database vendor.
# Observability# If the server should expose metrics and healthcheck endpoints.
# HTTP# The file path to a server certificate or certificate chain in PEM format.
# The file path to a private key in PEM format.
# The proxy address forwarding mode if the server is behind a reverse proxy.
# Do not attach route to cookies and rely on the session affinity capabilities from reverse proxy
# Hostname for the Keycloak server.




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