Setting Up A Keycloak Server For Authenticating To FileMaker: Part 9: Custom IdP Options In FileMaker 19.4

The Custom IdP Option

What Goes Where?

Custom IdP Name


Client ID


Client Secret


Authorization Code Endpoint


Authorization Token Endpoint


Authorization Profile Endpoint


Custom IdP Icon Endpoint

Custom IdP User Account Schema


Custom IdP User Group Schema



openid email groups

FileMaker Login Dialog

The XML File

<keys name="oAuthProviders">
<keys name="General">
<key name="AuthCodeEndpoint" type="string">DOMAIN_NAME/auth/realms/YOUR_REALM/protocol/openid-connect/auth</key>
<key name="AuthType" type="integer">2</key>
<key name="ClientID" type="string">CLIENT_ID</key>
<key name="ClientSecret" type="string">CLIENT_SECRET</key>
<key name="EncryptedClientSecret" type="integer">1</key>
<key name="Logo" type="string"></key>
<key name="OAuthIDName" type="string">email</key>
<key name="OIDCEnabled" type="integer">1</key>
<key name="ProfileEndpoint" type="string">DOMAIN_NAME/auth/realms/YOUR_REALM/protocol/openid-connect/userinfo</key>
<key name="Provider" type="string">Keycloak</key>
<key name="ProviderEnabled" type="integer">1</key>
<key name="ProviderID" type="integer">8</key>
<key name="ResponseType" type="string">code</key>
<key name="Scope" type="string">openid email groups</key>
<key name="TokenEndpoint" type="string">DOMAIN_NAME/auth/realms/YOUR_REALM/protocol/openid-connect/token</key>
<key name="OAuthGroupScheme" type="string">groups</key>





FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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Sounds Essential

Sounds Essential

FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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