Zabbix 5 Appliance: Database Error — Connection Refused

The Problem

Confirming The Diagnosis

df -h
/dev/sda5    4.5G    634M    3.9G    14%  /var/lib/mysql

Preparing To Expand Disk Space


Increasing The Virtual Machine Disk Space

Adjusting The Linux Partitions Using GParted Live

  • The 20GB of drive space we added is visible as unallocated
  • The partition we saw when checking our disk space at the beginning was /dev/sda5 and we can see that in this list with the label mysql
  • That partition is part of /dev/sda4, so we’ll need to first extend /dev/sda4 and then extend /dev/sda5
  • Note the “0 operations pending” in the bottom left of the window — we’ll be setting up actions to the partitions and will then need to apply those actions at the end.
df -h





FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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Sounds Essential

Sounds Essential

FileMaker Developers; Keycloak Enthusiasts; Data Magicians

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